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Our Location:

6 Cadman Street, Dannevirke


Furniture Hospital

Ron & Monique Ashford

6 Cadman Street

Dannevirke 4930

06 374 8132

027 487 1152

Opening Hours:

Most days & almost all hours, however please make an appointment if you wish to drop by as sometimes the job that Ron is working on cannot be interrupted; although time can usually be made for a coffee break!


About us & what our clients think:

Ron has been in the furniture industry since he started his apprenticeship in 1965 in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.,repairing office and commercial furniture. He worked at four different places, culminating at Green's Furniture Hospital. Green's is the pre-eminent furniture repair and antique restoration business in Portland, and has been since 1917.

Ron started his New Zealand furniture venture as the Ashford Gallery & Workshop, in Auroa in Taranaki in 1974, so he has considerable experience under his belt.

The beds he made were well known throughout the Taranaki Region and beyond. He became known for his flair and flamboyance, which was reflected in the furniture he was commissioned to make as seen in the photo above.

Today Ron in located in Dannevirke; and to reflect his beginnings there has been a name change to RoNZ Furniture Hospital.

The workshop has undergone some changes and upgrades, but the traditional work methods are still adhered to.

Ron is a great believer in permanence and sustainability, he still stands by these statements he made back in 1974 - 

"Permanence is when your grandchildren pass on the furniture you had made before your children were born".

"There can be no economy in throw away articles, in fact, the environment is now feeling the effects of this new and dangerous practice. Items of long-lasting quality infringe least on the very limited resources available".

We continue to help the environment by using workshop waste wood shavings as mulch around our plants to conserve water during dry summer months.



This china cabinet was made on request as the client could not find what she wanted to house her china collection and to fill a wall in her new home. The cabinet dimensions are 2100 x 1800 x 30, with tempered glass panel doors.

"It's great, I'm thrilled to bits with it!"

 - MO, Dannevirke, NZ

This trestle style table was made using a Rimu slab with a live edge, supplied by the client, which we stabilised and finished to withstand the rigours of use in a commercial setting.

"It's perfect".

 - Saigon Restaurant, Dannevirke, NZ

This kitchen Island Bench was made from an old workbench from an Auckland museum. The client wished to up-cycle as much of the old wood (oak) as possible, as well as add a new hard maple bench top to contrast the dark colourings.

"The kitchen bench is almost too beautiful to actually use."

 - JB, Auckland, NZ